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Quirky Kid® is a child psychology clinic and publishing house based in Australia. We work with parents, schools and clinics around the world to improve children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Our award-winning tools and resources have had a positive impact on children in more than 30 countries.

backgroundLeonardo Rocker
Leonardo Rocker

Leonardo Rocker


Leonardo Rocker co-founded the Quirky Kid Clinic and publishing house in 2007.

He is expanding his expertise into digital healthcare, completing a Graduate Certificate in Digital Health with Latrobe University. This academic pursuit complements his latest venture, BriteChild, a digital platform under Quirky Kid designed to enhance the accessibility and efficacy of child psychology services.

Leonardo's professional background is rich with international experience, particularly in the corporate and social sectors. His tenure at Volkswagen/Audi took him across Boston (USA), Puebla (Mexico), and Curitiba (Brazil), where he honed his skills in troubleshooting complex manufacturing and process problems. This global exposure has been instrumental in developing his analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

Leonardo's leadership skills were recognised in Australia when the University of Sydney and BOSS Magazine (2015) named him one of the country's top 50 emerging leaders.

In 2004, Leonardo embarked on the School Days Project, combining his photography and social research talents to explore educational cultures worldwide. This ambitious project spanned over 25 countries, culminating in a scholarship to the Young Social Entrepreneur Forum in Malaysia (2008) and a subsequent publication by Amayra Publishing (Brazil), extending its educational impact.

Leonardo's commitment to social development is further evidenced by his internship with the Centre for Refugee Research (CRR) in New Delhi, India, as part of his Master of International Social Development from UNSW. There, he contributed to developing community strategies for refugees from diverse backgrounds and participated in the UNHCR Dialogue with Women and Girls, enriching his understanding of global humanitarian needs.

His consultancy role with the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) involved working with the Communities in Cultural Transition (CiCT) Program. This initiative focused on empowering small and emerging refugee communities, including the Mandaean, Karen, Hazara, Sierra Leonean, Liberian, South Sudanese, Burundian and Congolese, to build governance and leadership capacities, showcasing Leonardo's dedication to facilitating community resilience and leadership.

As a publisher, Leonardo has overseen the production of 12 best-selling resources addressing the needs of children, adolescents, and families. His work has been recognised with several awards, including an Australian Educational Publishing Award in 2014 and the London Book Fair International Excellence Awards in 2018, affirming the quality and relevance of his contributions to educational resources.

Leonardo's international engagements, such as presenting at the London  and Bologna Children's Book Fairs and being a Visiting International Publishers fellowship recipient at the China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (2015), highlight his active participation in the global publishing community and further demonstrates his commitment to enhancing mental health educational content for children worldwide.

In recent years, Leonardo has engaged in international missions to Dubai and India, reinforcing his global perspective and collaborative approach. Completing Training in Governance for Social Impact (UNSW) has equipped him with advanced skills in leading social initiatives. Moreover, his efforts in securing grants and support for BriteChild from organisations like Impact Investing Australia and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources underscore his adeptness in navigating the intersection of innovation, education, and technology.

Leonardo's journey is a testament to his commitment to improving educational and psychological resources for children and communities globally. He is driven by a blend of practical experience, academic and theology knowledge, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.


Leonardo has a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) and a Master of International Social Development from the University of New South Wales and is currently completing a Graduare Certificate in Digital Health with Latrobe University

Leonardo is an alumni of the iAccelerate incubator program and the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship.

Other Details

Leonardo Rocker Working with Children Check (WWC): WWC1007567E

Leonardo has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.


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