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Power Up Program

Power Up® is an award-winning social and emotional program that helps children aged 10 to 16 who are involved in competitive sport, music or academics to improve their performance and manage the demands of competition.

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Performance Psychology for Children and Teens

The Power Up® program includes an interactive workbook and a series of constantly evolving animated videos. Based on a wealth of performance psychology research, Power Up® teaches a comprehensive set of skills practiced by elite performers around the world.


Our unique performance psychology program for children has won accolades in Australia and overseas.


With over 700 children improving their performance with Power Up® worldwide, the results speak for themselves.


From a one-off fee of $49.95, you will receive a comprehensive physical workbook and six months’ access to engaging online lessons.


Coaches, teachers and psychologists who want to increase their skill set and revenue can become trained facilitators.


Our animated lessons are regularly updated to reflect the latest information and research.

Helping Young People Achieve Peak Performances

Created specifically for pre-teens and teenagers aged 10 to 16 who are involved in competitive academic, creative or sporting activities, the Power Up® program teaches core performance psychology skills, including:

  • Coping with the pressures of competition

  • Setting goals and making plans to achieve them

  • Overcoming self-doubt and negative self-talk

  • Building self-confidence

  • Maximising performance in any field

  • Sharing ideas and appreciating diverse perspectives

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Meet other Schools, Sports programs and Clinics

See how other Australian schools, sport programs and psychology clinics have successfully implemented Power Up® and helped children improve their performance and manage the demands of competition.

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You can also refer your students to one of our upcoming clinic-based programs.

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Independently Tried,
Tested and Evaluated

Our award-winning Power Up® program is being used by more than 700 clients from various fields of sport, music, art and academics around the world. Their improved performance results are a testament to the power of the program.

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