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This award-winning program combines cutting-edge research with interactive activities. Implement it independently at your school with our free training and support or we can implement it for you.

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The Best of Friends has won a host of local and international awards.

Illustrations of the Best of Freinds program workbook

Our program has been clinically tested and has a proven track record in schools and clinics.

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Our experienced team can help you implement the program and offer support.

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Forget printing and photocopying! We provide all the beautifully designed resources you need.

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Deliver SEL content that has been marked against the IB and Australian Curriculum.

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Our evidence-based resources are constantly updated to reflect the latest research.

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Use powerful psychometric tools to track the success of your intervention.

Beautifully Presented and Clearly Effective

Developed by Educational and Developmental Psychologist Dr Kimberley O’Brien, The Best of Friends® program draws on years of clinical and school-based research and experience to help students build their social and emotional skills, including:

  • Making and maintaining positive friendships

  • Negotiating and resolving conflict

  • Developing empathy and communication skills

  • Working independently and cooperatively

  • Recognising, expressing and managing their own emotions

  • Increasing resilience and assertiveness

  • Appreciating diverse perspectives

  • Developing teamwork and leadership skills

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Independently Tried, Tested and Evaluated

The Best of Friends® has been through a rigorous assessment process designed in collaboration with experts at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), the University of Melbourne and Be You.

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Start Now and Implement The Best of Friends® at your school or clinic

Our program includes an interactive workbook and award-winning materials to facilitate social and emotional learning.

The workbook contains five chapters that include engaging stories and activities such as role-playing, cooperation, crafts, knowledge acquisition and fieldwork.

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