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We pride ourselves on being different. We think from a child’s perspective and use the creative, award-winning tools we’ve designed to improve and optimise their mental health.

FOR SCHOOLS  |  basecamp

Basecamp® Program

Basecamp® is an innovative social and emotional learning program that helps children aged 7 to 13 build a repertoire of anxiety-management skills. The program draws on decades of experience and combines a sound cognitive behavioural approach with effective and engaging child-centred activities.

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Stripe Element

Anxiety Management for Children

Our adventure-based Basecamp® program has won numerous local and international awards. Children are invited on a journey through a fictional Australian national park where they have to team up with guides, interact with park animals and manage their fears and anxieties.

Basecamp® has won prestigious international awards including Best Educational Initiative at the London Book Fair..

Our program has been successfully implemented in schools and clinics after rigorous clinical testing.

You can roll out the program on your own with our free training and supervision or we can do it for you.

We use leading psychometric tools to help you monitor each child’s progress.

The full set of materials we provide will captivate your students and clients.

All our SEL tools are in line with the Australian Curriculum.

We provide updates based on the latest research.

A Useful Method for Overcoming Anxiety

The highly experienced team of developmental experts at Quirky Kid has created the cutting-edge Basecamp® program based on years of clinical experience and research. Each location in the adventure teaches a key component of an evidence-based anxiety intervention, including:

  • Creating engagement with others

  • Facing fears to overcome worries

  • Understanding worry and how to measure

  • Practicing relaxation techniques

  • Learning the power of thoughts and how to change them;

  • Planning for future challenges

Independently Tried,
Tested and Evaluated

Basecamp® has been demonstrated to effectively reduce anxiety in clinical and school settings. You can implement it independently at your school or clinic with our free training and support or we can implement it for you.

Get Basecamp® at Your School or Clinic.

The Basecamp® program comes with a complete set of engaging and interactive materials - no printing or copying required!

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