ACER and Quirky Kid


Leonardo Rocker


2 Apr


Hottest you ever felt
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During the last months of 2009, we were approached by the Australian Council for Education and Research (ACER) to discuss a distribution agreement for all Quirky Kid Resources. We are delighted to announce that we have formally formed a partnership with ACER to distribute our Quirky Kid Resources.

We are extremely proud to have our resources endorsed by a non-for-profit organization (NGO) that is committed to creating and distributing research-based knowledge, products and services to improve learning across the lifespan in both formal and informal settings.

Today, our resources are available through ACER's catalogues, website and friendly sales consultants. The feedback we are receiving from the ACER team of consultants is extremely positive and encouraging.

We give ourselves a 'pat on the back' - well done Quirky Kid team!

Visit the ACER website to or order directly from us.

Hottest you ever felt

ACER and Quirky Kid