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The Best Of Friends® Holiday

An award-winning social and emotional learning workshop for children.

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About This Workshop

The Best of Friends® (BoF) is a social and emotional learning workshop that empowers children aged 5 to 12 with the knowledge, skills and confidence to understand and manage emotions and social situations.  

Developed by Educational and Developmental psychologist Dr Kimberley O’Brien, The Best of Friends® program draws on years of clinical and school-based experience and research to help students build their social and emotional skills.

Combining cutting-edge research and interactive activities, this three-hour holiday workshop teaches children all the basic skills they need to thrive at home, school and beyond.

What we cover

This activity-based workshop encourages children to make the most of their friendships by developing good communication and social skills. Participants learn how to form and develop good friendships, hold two-way conversations, and manage or avoid conflict with their peers.

The brief workshop version of The Best of Friends® program includes a concise and interactive set of engaging activities designed to facilitate social and emotional learning (SEL). Activities include role-playing, games, crafts and dialogue. We cover areas such as:

  • Making friends
  • Social expectations
  • The importance of compromise
  • Empathy in friendship
  • Peacemaking

Each workshop is evaluated to ensure it meets our strict learning outcomes. Current parent evaluations indicate that around 72% of children attending the workshop improved their overall social skills while 89% of parents identified at least one to three areas of improvement (n = 147).

Workshop structure and inclusions

The workshop runs as a single three-hour session. It includes:.

  • Small, multi-age, mixed gender groups with a maximum of four to six participants.
  • A group feedback email to parents.
  • Optional individual feedback with parents at an additional cost.

Good to know

Please review the following important information. If you have questions, please reach out to us before registering.

  1. The workshop is $270 per child. Discounts may apply as advertised from time to time. Please read the FAQ about the programs and workshops.
  2. Children with pre-existing diagnoses may need to complete a pre-screening session at an additional cost. Please read this helpful article for more information.
  3. By registering, you accept the terms and conditions that include non-refundable terms and other strict terms and conditions. Please consider if they are right for you.


  • Sydney workshops are at Level 1, Unit 2, 83-85 Queen Street, Woollahra, 2025
  • Wollongong workshops are at Unit 105, 62 Moore Street, Austinmer, 2515
  • Other locations provided during registration.

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$ 290.00 AUD