Recognising and Resolving Social and Emotional Challenges in Childhood

Navigate the rollercoaster of raising toddlers to teenagers with our engaging webinar, led by the seasoned Dr. Kimberley. Unpack the dynamics of young people's social and emotional challenges and discover actionable strategies for managing behaviours like emotional withdrawal and defiance. Learn through real-life case studies and participate in a unique drawing exercise to foster empathy and insight. Gain the confidence to collaborate effectively with educators and health professionals, ensuring your child thrives in all environments.

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For Parents

Raising toddlers and teenagers presents daily challenges for most parents. The unpredictable swings in their social and emotional states can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced parents.

This practical webinar is designed to tackle the common hurdles parents of children aged 3 to 13 encounter. It aims to provide parents with practical strategies and the confidence needed to collaborate with educators and health professionals, building a supportive network for their families in the years ahead.

Hear from Dr Kimberley O'Brien, who brings over two decades of clinical experience, as she shares case studies that reveal how other parents have managed issues such as emotional withdrawal, defiance in social settings, and sensory overload post-school. Dr. Kimberley will offer insights into overcoming typical social and emotional challenges faced by young people, including peer conflicts, inflexible thinking, frustration, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, and avoidance.

Participants will engage in a drawing exercise designed to help young individuals reflect on their reactions, fostering insight and the development of alternative responses for future situations. An optional discussion segment will provide strategies to address challenges encountered at school, mainly when children are triggered in classrooms or playgrounds.

The webinar will also explore effective methods for partnering with educational and health professionals to secure personalised support, with or without government assistance. Whether challenges occur at school, during crucial after-school hours, or over the weekends, participants will learn to identify and address social and emotional issues from the child's viewpoint.

Join us for this enlightening and practical session, concluding with a Q&A with Dr. Kimberley. Take advantage of her extensive knowledge and research-backed approaches, ready for immediate application in your parenting practices. Let's work together to equip your young person with increased self-understanding, social awareness, and the necessary support.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise at least five social and emotional challenges experienced in childhood.
  • Implement at least one drawing technique designed to gain a child’s perspective.
  • Engage an educator (if needed) to request supervision and support at school.
  • Listen to case examples and normalise children’s social and emotional reactions.
  • Reach out to health professionals for assessment or to advocate for their child.

Join this interactive 45 minutes session, which includes a Q&A with Dr. Kimberley as she shares her tried-and-tested techniques for immediate implementation.


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