Overcoming Separation Anxiety in Primary School

For those struggling with separation anxiety with those emotionally distressing farewells that tug at your heartstrings, leaving you feeling torn and worried, this course offers invaluable insights and engaging techniques to help children and parents to overcome the challenge of saying goodbye. Join us on this journey of growth and resilience, and discover playful solutions to overcome separation anxiety.

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Discover the key to confident farewells with our comprehensive course led by Dr. Kimberley O'Brien, Principal Child Psychologist at Quirky Kid. This practical course equips parents with essential insights and evidence-based techniques to build trust and independence.

From understanding the triggers and impact of Separation Anxiety to exploring practical strategies like directive play therapy and graded exposure, you'll learn how to create a positive and supportive environment at school drop offs and other farewells.

Enhance resilience in your child and strengthen your parent-child bond with personalised rituals and role-playing exercises. Collaborate with educators to ensure a smooth transition at the school gate.  

Through hands-on activities, such as creating a school map and practising unique farewell rituals, parents will learn how to help their children to feel empowered by autonomy. Graded exposure techniques will be introduced, allowing children to prepare and understand the stages of separation, making the process more manageable and less overwhelming.

Enrol now to discover the pathway to confident farewells, empowering your child to navigate and permanently overcome Separation Anxiety. Use play-based techniques to transform your family's farewells into positive moments of growth and empowerment.

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Journey Through Separation Anxiety: Unveiling Triggers, Symptoms, and Support Strategies

Understanding separation anxiety and building a foundation for navigating this challenging phase.

Techniques to help your child overcome Separation Anxiety

Empowering Separation: Techniques for Confident and Resilient Farewells

Navigating your child's Separation Anxiety Journey

Finding the support you need as a parent and continuing to build a foundation of resilience and confidence.

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