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Power Up! – a unique Performance Psychology program designed to help kids 10 to 16 years excel at sporting, musical, artistic or academic pursuits.

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About this program

Power Up® is an award-winning social and emotional program that helps children aged 10 to 16 who are involved in competitive sport, music or academics to improve their performance and manage the demands of competition. 

The Power Up® program includes an interactive workbook and a series of constantly evolving animated videos. Based on a wealth of performance psychology research, Power Up!® teaches a comprehensive set of skills practiced by elite performers around the world. 

What we cover

There are six core psychological skills covered in the program. They are:

  • Goal-Setting
    Learn and practice how to set clear, specific and relevant goals.
  • Self-Talk
    Your inner voice is very powerful. Learn how to use it to your advantage, step by step.
  • Imagery
    If you imagine you’re a champion, you’re more likely to become one. We’ll share all the tools you need.
  • Arousal Regulation
    Learn skills to keep your cool or start your inner fire.
  • Focus
    Identify how to focus on what matters most for your pursuit.
  • Competition Planning
    Mentally prepare for your big event with a simple checklist.

To get the most out of this program, participants will already be training or practicing under the instruction of coaches or teachers to improve their skills and prepare for regular competition or performance.


Introduction to Goal Setting

Learn how to set specific goals to improve performance.

Enhancing Self-Talk

Using internal dialogue for improved performance.

Imagery for Permance

Activating Imagination to prepare for performance and Management.

Focus and Attention control.

Exploring focus theory and styles for performance

Arousal Regulation

Using arousal to create the ideal performance state

Planning for Performance

Tools to make the planning process more practical and simple

Locations and dates

Session dates to be announced.

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  1. The workshop is $420 per child. Discounts may apply as advertised from time to time. Please read the FAQ about the programs and workshops.

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