BaseCamp® Program

Basecamp® is an innovative anxiety program that helps children aged 7 to 13 build a repertoire of anxiety-management skills. This is the eight-week term program version of Basecamp®. You can participate online or join us in a clinic setting.

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About This Program

Basecamp® is an innovative anxiety program that helps children aged 7 to 13 build a repertoire of anxiety-management skills. The program has won numerous local and international awards, including the Educational Initiative Award at the The London Book Fair International Excellence Awards and Best Designed Educational Resource at the 66th Australian Book Design Awards.

Basecamp® draws on decades of experience and combines a sound cognitive behavioural approach with effective and engaging child-centred activities.

What we cover

This anxiety program provides children with a concise and engaging set of materials to help them build a toolkit of anxiety-management techniques and to support the development of essential social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. Throughout the 8 weeks, participants will:

  • Understand worry, anxiety and their components
  • Develop more realistic ways of thinking about situations that make them anxious
  • Practice cognitive restructuring and gradual exposure techniques to overcome worries
  • Master relaxation techniques to reduce overall arousal levels and physical tension typically associated with anxiety
  • Learn to build relapse-prevention strategies and apply action plans when difficulties arise

Each program is evaluated to ensure it meets our strict learning outcomes. Current research with parents indicates that 73% of children were better able to manage their worries and anxiety (overall) after attending BaseCamp® (n=49).

Program structure and inclusions

The program runs for 10 weeks and and includes:

  • 8 sessions that last one hour each
  • Small, multi-age, mixed gender groups with a maximum of four to six participants.
  • Two x 30-minute online parent consultations 1x before and 1x after the program
  • A copy of our award-winning 264-page workbook featuring interactive activities, facts, fieldwork and stories
  • Weekly email updates with key program content and suggestions for home and school


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Locations and dates

Session dates to be announced.
5:00 pm
4:00 pm

Join online now

You can hire the Course and watch it at any time. It's completely on-demand.

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$ 752.00 AUD
  1. A non-refundable deposit of $75 is due at registration.
  2. The registration balance of $845 is due at the announcement of the event date.
  3. Our workshops now run on demand. Please review the following important information before registering.
  4. We will initially announce the event day and time (for example, Thursday at 16:00). Once we have suitable participants, we will announce the specific date the event will commence (for example, Thursday, 15 February at 16:00).
  5. Children with pre-existing diagnoses may need to complete a pre-screening session at an additional cost. Please read this helpful article for more information.
    By registering, you accept the terms and conditions that include non-refundable terms.

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