Our three social and emotional learning programs are just the beginning! We also offer a wide range of SEL tools including books, workbooks, behavioural cards, webinars, online courses, in-person presentations, and professional development and training for facilitators. We’re continuously developing our online services to better support schools and clinics around the world.

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Working Together is Better

Our programs help students improve their social, emotional and communication skills and enhance their  relationships and academic outcomes. When schools adopt our resources and tools, they’re able to be more engaging, effective and responsive to the needs of their students.

We even provide in-school support for education professionals who use our programs.

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Two Decades of
Supporting Schools

We work directly with leading schools and clinics around the world to help them implement our innovative and internationally acclaimed programs. Developed from decades of expertise, our resources make a positive impact on children’s mental health and wellbeing.

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There Are So Many Reasons to Work With Us

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  • Child-centred

    We think from a child’s perspective and are inspired by our young clients

  • Experienced

    Our expert psychologists have a deep understanding of children’s emotions and behaviours

  • Independently Tried and Tested

    Our programs have been independently verified and won international awards

  • School-Friendly

    Our SEL programs are used in schools around the world

  • Innovative

    We use the latest psychometric tools and technology to improve children’s lives

  • Collaborative

    We work closely with schools to help them get the most out of our programs and resources