How to support children dealing with grief

In our webinar, we explore children's grief in its forms and signs. Learn to support your child through loss, addressing their fears with age-appropriate responses. Discover strategies for significant dates and the concept of finding meaning in grief. This session offers guidance for comforting children during tough times, helping them remember loved ones positively and explore recent research on the sixth stage of grief, which involves finding meaning.

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For Parents

In this comprehensive webinar, we will explore the concept of grief, including anticipatory grief, the expressions of internal and external grief, and the traditional five stages of grief. Additionally, we will examine the common indicators that a child may be experiencing grief.

We will discuss the most effective ways to support a child following the loss of a loved one, how to address their fears, and what they require during their grieving process. The goal is to provide participants with an understanding of age-appropriate responses to grief and to identify possible indicators that a child might benefit from counselling.

During a period when you may also be grieving, having guidance and reassurance to distinguish between clinically concerning behaviours in a child and the necessary steps in their healing journey—emotionally, spiritually, and mentally—as they navigate life-changing loss is invaluable.

The webinar will also cover how grief evolves over time and strategies to support children during significant dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Furthermore, we will explore recent research on the sixth stage of grief, which involves finding meaning. This concept aims to assist your child in envisioning a future where their loss is remembered and honoured without pain and where they can draw lessons from their loved one moving forward.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this webinar, participants will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the concept of grief, manifestations of grief, and common indicators that a child may be dealing with grief.
  • Identify actions you can take to support your child in the aftermath of grief, including how to deal with fear in children who are grieving and ways to support them as the face of their grief changes over time. Attention will also be paid to instances where a child may need counselling.
  • Understand the importance of grief in the healing process, as will the possible benefits of finding meaning in the loss moving forward.

Enrol today and join Psychologist Ellen Sheridan to gain the knowledge and confidence to support you and your child's grief experience.


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