Overcoming Oppositional Behaviour

This course is a deep dive into oppositional, defiant and challenging behaviour in children aged 4 to 14 years. Facilitated by Dr Kimberley O'Brien, Principal Child Psychologist at Quirky Kid, this practical workshop equips participants with the necessary strategies and insights to foster mutual respect and cooperation.

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This transformative course starts with an introduction to help parents accurately identify oppositional behaviour and its prevalence among children and adolescents. Starting from the child’s perspective, Dr Kimberley shares the most common causes of oppositional behaviour, including frustration and communication difficulties. Drawing on her clinical techniques, Dr Kimberley demonstrates three different art and play techniques used to de-escalate power struggles.

Together we’ll explore solutions to overcome defiance, encourage problem-solving and emotional expression using mapping techniques, and a “Behaviour of the Week" to help clarify what is being rewarded in your home or classroom.

Join Dr Kimberley to gain insights into children with oppositional behaviour and how to best help them navigate new skills, such as cooperation, conflict resolution and empathy in order to work more effectively with others.


Understanding the the nuances of oppositional behaviour.

Explore how educators often use leverage, based on the quality of relationships, to counteract defiance.

Practical techniques in children presenting with oppositional behaviour

Encourage children to develop greater self-awareness and self-control.

Navigating oppositional behaviour

Finding support for parents or educators impacted by oppositional behaviour

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