Competition Planning

Children who take responsibility for planning and preparing for a test, event or competition are more independent and successful. This lesson will teach them critical time-management and organisational skills.

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Planning is a crucial part of performance success, and it’s important for you to take responsibility for your preparation with the help of your parents and coaches. In this lesson, you will

  • Learn how to progressively increase your ability to plan,
  • Organize and take responsibility for event preparation,
  • Manage performance anxiety through adequate preparation.

We strongly encourage you to practice the preparation process as often as possible with your parents and coaches by visiting the venue, recording distances and travel time, and conducting a full trial of the event in advance. You can record all this information on the planning page.

Why Planning is Crucial for Performance Success

  • Planning helps you manage your time and resources effectively
  • It ensures that you're fully prepared for any situation
  • It allows you to identify potential roadblocks and develop contingency plans
  • It helps reduce performance anxiety and allows you to focus on the task at hand

To fully benefit from the lesson, we recommend signing up for the Power Up performance psychology program that contains six lessons, including this one.

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Planning for Performance

Tools to make the planning process more practical and simple

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