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With the help of illustrations this title is a go-to resource for parents looking to cultivate the virtue of accepting unique quirks and qualities between siblings.

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Siblings! is a witty and imaginative picture book about the ups and downs of brothers and sisters, freshly published by Quirky Kid.

With the help of a playful design and inspiring illustrations by Rocio Bonilla, this book literally presents two sides of the same story so each sibling learns to appreciate the other’s qualities and quirks.

Having a brother or sister can be a challenge! Sometimes they complain, dob on and exhaust you. At other times, they make you laugh, play with you and keep you company...

Perhaps siblings aren’t so bad after all?

Siblings! is the perfect prop for parents and professionals working with children to build better relationships between siblings and explore home politics.

Full Illustrations, large format, high-quality hardcover production by Quirky Kid.

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