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We pride ourselves on being different. We think from a child’s perspective and use the creative, award-winning tools we’ve designed to improve and optimise their mental health.

Power Up: Performance Psychology Series

$ 59.95 AUD

A unique online program that takes all the key psychological techniques used by elite performers and makes them accessible to children.

More About this Product

Power Up! – a unique Performance Psychology program designed to help kids 10 to 16 years excel at sporting, musical, artistic or academic pursuits.

Does your child or student show a keen interest in a particular area or above-average ability in any field? Are they gifted, but simply not performing at their best? Do they dream of success at what they love, or simply want to compete at the very best level they can? Regular performance improvement with Power Up!

Power Up! is a unique online program that takes all the key psychological techniques used by elite performers and makes them accessible to children.  By teaching your child or student the secrets of performance psychology, Power Up! gives them the power to:

  • Cope with the pressures of competition
  • Overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk
  • Build self-confidence
  • Set goals and make plans to achieve them

Maximise performance in any chosen field In the words of the judges at the recent 2014 Educational Publishing Awards, Power Up!... “… is unique in its approach in helping students enhance performance to achieve success by identifying and improving cognitive strategies. Clearly presented, well designed and practical in its application, it delivers contemporary and relatable video content.”

Every child deserves the chance to succeed at whatever they’re good at. Power Up! gives your child psychological skills they need to release and maximise their natural talents, perform at their best, and lead a truly fulfilling life.

Buy it now to give your child the Power Up! advantage.

Power Up! was awarded the Best Student Resource (Primary) in the Arts/Humanities category of the 2014 Educational Publishing Awards and has been used by over 600 students worldwide.

As accomplished performers in any field will tell you, success is a mind game. Power Up! gives your child the skills to play that game for life.

Private Use License.

Private License comes with:

  • Individual personal for 6 months’ access to online content
  • A copy of the comprehensive physical workbook
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