Bridges for Learning Joins The Best of Friends


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Bridges for Learning Joins The Best of Friends
The Best of Friends

We are proud to announce the Bridges for Learning has just confirmed they will be implementing ‘The Best of Friends’ ™ program during 2016 at their organization in Bowral. Clients from Bowral and surrounding areas will now be able to benefit from this engaging and effective Social and Emotional Program.

“At Bridges for Learning in Bowral, we are often approached by parents requesting advice and support for their children who may have difficulties with social skills and managing conflict in their peer groups. We were interested in finding a structured program which would be fun and interactive and involve both children and parents.  ‘The Best of Friends’™ program ticks all the boxes and we look forward to introducing it to our families”says Kellie Giles, Senior Psychologist at Bridges for Learning.

Their enrollment continues to set a landmark moment for us at Quirky Kid as we continue to work incredibly hard to produce innovative and effective programs and resources that are tried, tested and loved in classrooms, clinics and lounge rooms around the globe.

Dates for 2016 workshops will be announced very soon.

About Bridges for Learning

Bridges for Learning provides a range of therapy and special education programs for children 0–12 years with developmental delays and disabilities, and their families. Their staff includes speech pathologists, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, early childhood intervention teacher, family worker and psychologist. Their approach involves working with each family to develop an individual plan for their child.

The services are delivered by professionals within a positive, fun, caring environment. Parents and carers are provided with ongoing support and resources in order to educate, and nurture the well-being of children and families within our local community.

Social and Emotional Learning

Equally with their commitment to providing consistent and effective services to young clients and their families, Bridges for Learning has demonstrated clear commitment to the Social and Emotional Learning of their clients.

About The Best of Friends and the School.

The implementation of The Best of Friends™ will take place progressively and will be closely supported by the program author and our Educational Developmental Psychologists Dr. Kimberley O’Brien and our team. Participants will receive a copy of the exclusive workbook developed by Quirky Kid. Facilitators will have access to a series of manuals and regular supervision as and when required.

The Best of Friend is a Social and Emotional Learning program developed by The Quirky Kid Clinic. Find our more.

Interested in offering ‘The Best of Friends™’ program at your school?

Currently, the program is available to a limited number of schools and organisations. The BoF program has a comprehensive implementation, evaluation and monitoring plan and we are keen to identify partners committed to SEL implementation and evaluation.

Schools can choose from a target (small group) or universal (classroom) format. We will provide all the implementation assistance required, including training, supervision and support for key staff members.

Bridges for Learning and 'Best of Friends' Program|Bridges for Learning and 'Best of Friends' Program


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Start now and implement a Quirky Kid Program at your school or clinic.

Our programs includes an interactive workbooks and concise set of engaging award-winning materials to facilitate social and emotional learning (SEL).

Bridges for Learning Joins The Best of Friends
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