Winner: ABIA's 'Book Industry Innovation Award


Leonardo Rocker


2 Apr


Winner: ABIA's 'Book Industry Innovation Award'
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We're proud to announce we're the winners of the 2016 Australian Book Industry Innovation Award with a submission of our recent Social and Emotional Learning Program - The Best of Friends.

Last month the program was also shortlisted at The London Book Fair International Excellence awards - The Education Initiatives Award -  together with tUnited Nations - African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) (Sudan) and Book Aid International.

The Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) is an annual celebration of the creatives behind all of the industries greatest works such as authors, editors, publishers and retailers. The Business Awards are decided by a judging panel composed of experienced and impartial business people from a diverse range of industries. The panel is chaired by a veteran of the publishing industry who has held a very senior role within the industry.


Our submission related to The Best of Friends program. Our goal was to research, produce, test and publish a locally and internationally recognised.

Our goal was to research, produce, test and publish a locally and internationally recognised social and emotional learning resource for use by/with children and schools around Australia and overseas. The resource had to be engaging, practical and effective while using hybrid publishing methods like print and online for easy use. The resource had to 'speak' with various audiences like teachers and parents while ensuring children could co-create with the materials to ensure individual and meaningful learning.

Further, the use of stories and illustrations by Australian content creators( Barbara Gonzalez, Connah Brecon and Lisa Diebold) was paramount to ensure appropriate context and the promotion of local talent for global audiences. Our aesthetic style goals were intended to flow naturally from our desire to create a layout that winds seamlessly throughout the books illustrative work, creating a bright and engaging experience for the young reader. Connah Brecon embraces many different mediums, textures, and surfaces in his illustrations, so we too applied the same aspects to our design elements and typography. Our visual elements are all created to mimic paper that has had been roughly cut and pasted onto the illustrations themselves; almost as though each page of the book has been lovingly crafted together by hand, before being published as a book

About the Event


As the flagship event for the Australian book industry, the ABIAs showcase the talent and diversity of what is the 14th largest publishing industry in the world creating more than 7,000 new titles each year and it was is an owner to be amongst it.

Guest 2016 ABIA presenters including Richard Flanagan, Tom Keneally, Jonathan Franzen, Gloria Steinem and Jeanette Winterson joined host and comedian extraordinaire Kitty Flanagan on stage with over 500 guests from across the book industry attending.

For the full list of awards and winners, visit the ABIA Website:

Winner: ABIA's 'Book Industry Innovation Award'

Winner: ABIA's 'Book Industry Innovation Award