We're proud to offer outreach programs for children across Australia up to four times per year. We partner with other child psychology clinics to offer psychological assessments.

These include Autism Assessments (ADOS-2 and ADI-R), Educational Assessments (WISC-V, WIAT-III and SB-5) and Behavioural / ADHD Assessments (Conners 3 and ASEBA). You can read more about these on our website.

The Assessment Process

Here is a summary of the outreach process:

• The outreach program begins with a compulsory parent-only consultation by phone or video link with one of our psychologists.

• Child-only appointments are conducted in person for clinical observations and testing (where appropriate).

• Please note that Behavioural / ADHD Assessments require at least one parent and one teacher to complete an online checklist prior to the child-only appointment.

There aren't currently any outreach programs scheduled, but please get in touch with us via our contact form if you're interested in scheduling one.

Assessments and Treatments

Our clinic provides psychological assessments and personalised treatment plans to support your child's needs. Our experienced psychologists gather detailed information to explore diagnoses and deliver effective interventions.

Each assessment results in a comprehensive report with background information, medical history, observations, and practical recommendations.

Our treatment plans address specific challenges and promote overall well-being.

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