Early Intervention

We provide early intervention services in clinics, schools and communities for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other social and communication difficulties. Our early intervention services allow for prevention through early detection, provide support and strategies for developmental delays, and enhance children's development.

Children funded under the NDIS and can access our services and Medicare rebates may be available for others.

How Early Intervention Services Work

We offer a range of services to support children and families, including:

  • Evaluations and assessments: We conduct an initial evaluation of the child’s social, cognitive and/or adaptive functioning to assess possible interventions (when a previous assessment was not completed). Systematic evaluations are conducted during the intervention program to monitor progress and a final evaluation is conducted at the end to determine the effectiveness of the intervention. You can find out more about our psychological assessments on our website.
  • Behavioural and social interventions: Our one-on-one Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs, school and community-based shadowing, and behaviour management plans are used to develop cognitive and communication skills for children with an ASD.
  • Group-based interventions: Programs such as our The Best of Friends® and other tailored programs develop the social and communication skills necessary for building and maintaining relationships with others. Subscribe to our workshop mailing list to keep up to date.
  • Parent-child groups/sessions: Family-based interventions are conducted by our educational and developmental psychologists and behavioural intervention experts. They work with families using creative mediums to develop skills, expectations and family goals.
  • Parent training workshops: These workshops help parents and carers develop the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to deliver specific interventions for their child within their home environment.

We have a variety of resources available for children with an ASD that can be ordered through The Quirky Kid Shop. We can also source any other resources you require.

About Psychological

An assessment involves gathering and collating detailed information to explore a diagnosis and treatment plan delivered by our highly experienced staff. Because each child is different, individual assessments can vary.

Assessment results are compiled in a detailed psychological report that includes relevant background information, medical history, a summary of observations and practical recommendations.

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