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Siblings! by Quirky Kid


Leonardo Rocker


16 Feb


Cover of Book Siblings|
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“There are two sides to every story,” so the saying goes. Quirky Kid's new release, Siblings! explores this old adage with a fresh twist. Siblings! is a witty and imaginative picture book about the ups and downs of brothers and sisters.

Having a brother or sister can be a challenge! There’s a tendency to focus on what bothers us instead of what comforts us, especially when it comes to our siblings. They complain, make fun of us, or ignore us completely; try as we might, sometimes there’s just no escaping them! Why do they have to be so exhausting? But then, at other times, they make us laugh, they share their snacks, and they keep us company. What if their presence was a positive thing instead of a problem? Maybe our siblings aren’t so bad after all...

The story is supported by a playful design and spirited illustrations by Rocio Bonilla. The book literally unfolds in two parts to reveal how rivalry frequently masks a deeper appreciation and affection for one another.

Siblings! examines a complicated relationship that distils its essence into charming bite-sized portions of gratitude for kids to consider through humour and unique perspectives. It allows children to recognise the deep admiration behind another’s motives and that the lines between siblings are often that which can bring them closer.

Siblings! is the perfect prop for parents and an additional tool for professionals working with children to help build better relationships between siblings and explore home politics. Simple, easy to read and beautifully illustrated. Bring your family closer together with Siblings!

Cover of Book Siblings|

Siblings! by Quirky Kid

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