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St Mary's Primary Join The Best of Friends


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St Mary's Primary Join The Best of Friends
The Best of Friends

We are so pleased to welcome St Mary’s Catholic Primary School – Erskineville to The Best of Friends® program in Erskineville, New South Wales.

The Best of Friends® is an evidence-based and multi-award-winning Social and Emotional Learning program developed by The Quirky Kid Clinic and is now used by over 25 schools and agencies around Australia.

About St Mary’s Catholic Primary School – Erskineville

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a school for all children. The school and its staff foster an open and transparent approach among children, innovative and hardworking staff and caring and involved parents. Along with a strong relationship with the parish, they are educating children for an engaging learning journey and an exciting future. St Mary’s is committed to providing the highest standards of education and faith formation.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School engages students through an energising and creative learning environment guided by a pedagogy that is inclusive, innovative and effective. The school demonstrates a clear focus on Social and Emotional Learning and building authentic relationships. We are impressed with their commitment and are looking forward to working with their team to deliver their first program in 2021.

How The Best of Friends® program will be implemented at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School – Erskineville.

The first round of The Best of Friends® program will take place in 2021 and will be closely supported by our team of facilitators. Each participant receives a copy of the exclusive workbook developed by Quirky Kid, while facilitators and parents have access to an extensive range of information, manuals and regular supervision as required.

To ensure adequate evaluation, each individual child and group complete pre-and post- psychometric testing of their social and emotional skills to measure the outcome of the intervention. Evaluation and monitoring is an important component of The Best of Friends® program.

We look forward to working closely with Mary’s Catholic Primary School – Erskineville!

Interested in offering The Best of Friends® program at your school?

Our Social and Emotional programs are a cost-effective and evidence-based intervention that improves children’s social and emotional wellbeing.  The program has a comprehensive implementation, evaluation and monitoring plan, and we are keen to identify partners equally committed to Social and Emotional Learning.

We continue to work incredibly hard to produce innovative programs and resources that are tried, tested and loved in classrooms, clinics and lounge rooms around the globe.

Contact us or visit the program website to find out more about The Best of Friends® program, and how it can help you meet the needs of your students or clients.

St Mary's Primary Join The Best of Friends | Quirky KID


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St Mary's Primary Join The Best of Friends
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