Singleton Public School Joins The Best of Friends


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Singleton Public School Joins The Best of Friends
The Best of Friends

We’re thrilled to welcome Singleton Public School in Singleton, NSW to our The Best of Friends® program.

The Best of Friends® is an evidence-based and multi-award-winning social and emotional learning program (SEL) developed by Quirky Kid that is now used by dozens of schools and clinics around the world.

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About Singleton Public School

Singleton Public School provides high-quality education programs taught by highly educated, skilled and dedicated staff. The school also provides a safe and nurturing learning environment that develops respect, understanding and responsibility. Singleton Public School is responsive and flexible in meeting the needs of all their students with a broad range of subjects and educational programs.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an important area of focus for Singleton Public School. By adopting The Best of Friends®, they are demonstrating their commitment to enhancing their students’ wellbeing. We can’t wait to work with their dedicated team to deliver our program.

How The Best of Friends® will be implemented at Singleton Public School

The Best of Friends® program will launch at Singleton Public School in 2022 and be closely supported by our team of facilitators. Each participant will receive a copy of the exclusive workbook developed by Quirky Kid. To offer students the necessary support, facilitators and parents will have access to an extensive range of information, manuals and regular supervision as required.

Each child and group will complete psychometric testing of their social and emotional skills before and after The Best of Friends® program to measure the outcome of the intervention. Evaluation and monitoring is an important component of the program.

We look forward to working closely with Singleton Public School!

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Start now and implement a Quirky Kid Program at your school or clinic.

Our programs includes an interactive workbooks and concise set of engaging award-winning materials to facilitate social and emotional learning (SEL).

Singleton Public School Joins The Best of Friends
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