Children and Creativity


Leonardo Rocker

Children and Creativity
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Last month the Quirky Kid team and Pilot Pen collaborated by developing the ‘Pilot Pen Creativity Report’.

The report initiated discussion around the increase of computer use in classrooms as handwriting subsides and keyboard confidence continues to grow among school-aged children.

Watch a Video about the benefits of keeping a diary:

Our work involved reviewing independent scientific research to identify the benefits of handwriting and creative writing in children. The report revealed handwriting was a more effective for children in Year 2 as a means of expressing story ideas in a limited time frame, as compared to using keyboards for the same period of time. The children involved in this research were able to produce almost twice as many ideas using pen and paper as compared to computer technology.

You can view the research here.

Quirky Kid regularly offers consultation to organizations and companies to support interesting projects with extensive research, clinical research and report writing.


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Children and Creativity
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