BaseCamp® Program Welcomes Cubbiehouse Psychology


Zoe Barnes

BaseCamp® Program Welcomes Cubbiehouse Psychology

We are excited to welcome Cubbiehouse Psychology to our BaseCamp® program - an multi-award-winning Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program developed by The Quirky Kid Clinic, now used by various schools and clinics globally.

About Cubbiehouse Psychology

Located in the Eastern Suburbs of Aukland, New Zealand Cubbiehouse Psychology, is an independent phycology clinic in working with neurodiverse children and adults. Combining professional and lived experience, Cubbiehouse strives for a kind, inclusive, whānau-centred approach. Guided by four core values; empathy, kindness, experience and knowledge; the clinic prioritises nurturing the social and emotional well-being of each and every parent and child.

By adopting our anxiety program, Cubbiehouse Psychology is committing to enhancing each client's social and emotional well-being by understanding and addressing their unique needs.

How the BaseCamp®  program will be implemented at Cubbiehouse Psychology

The Base Camp® program launched at Cubbiehouse Psychology in June 2023. To offer the clinic the necessary support, Cubbiehouse has access to an extensive range of information, manuals and regular supervision as required.

To ensure appropriate evaluation, each child and group completed pre and post psychometric testing of their social and emotional skills to measure the outcome of the Base Camp® program which is a vital component of the program. We look forward to working closely with Cubbiehouse Psychology in enhancing their clienrs wellbeing!

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Interested in offering The BaseCamp® program at your clinic?

Our social and emotional learning (SEL) program is a cost-effective and evidence-based intervention that improves children’s social and emotional wellbeing. The Base Camp ® program has a comprehensive implementation, evaluation and monitoring plan, and we are excited to identify partners who are equally committed to social and emotional learning.

We continue to work hard to produce innovative programs and resources that are tried, tested and loved in classrooms, clinics and lounge rooms around the globe.

Contact us or visit the program page to find out more about the Base Camp ® program and how it can help you meet the needs of your clients.

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Our programs includes an interactive workbooks and concise set of engaging award-winning materials to facilitate social and emotional learning (SEL).

BaseCamp® Program Welcomes Cubbiehouse Psychology
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