Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System (ABAS-III)

The Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System, Third  Edition (ABAS-III) is a multidimensional and standardised assessment tool used to assess the functional skills necessary for the daily living of individuals from birth to 89 years of age.

Skills assessed with ABAS-III

  • Communication: speech-language and communication skills needed for communication with others
  • Community use: skills needed for functioning in the community
  • Functional academics: functional pre-academics and academics
  • School/home living: skills needed for basic care in a home/living or school/classroom setting
  • Health and safety: skills needed for the protection of health and to respond to illness and injury
  • Leisure: skills needed for engaging in and planning leisure and recreational activities
  • Self-care: skills needed for personal care
  • Self-direction: skills needed for independence, responsibility and self-control
  • Social: skills needed to interact socially and get along with other people
  • Motor: basic fine and gross motor skills needed for locomotion, manipulation of the environment and development of more complex activities
  • Work: skills needed for successful functioning and holding a part- or full-time job in a work setting

The ABAS-III includes five rating forms to be completed by a Parent/Primary Caregiver (ages 0-5), Parent Form (ages 5-21), Teacher/Daycare Provider Form (ages 2-5), Teacher Form (ages 5-21) and Adult Form (ages 16-89).

Information obtained from the ABAS-III is used by psychologists to aid with the diagnosis of disabilities and disorders, identify strengths and weaknesses, and document and monitor an individual’s progress over time.

About Psychological

An assessment involves gathering and collating detailed information to explore a diagnosis and treatment plan delivered by our highly experienced staff. Because each child is different, individual assessments can vary.

Assessment results are compiled in a detailed psychological report that includes relevant background information, medical history, a summary of observations and practical recommendations.

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