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Leonardo Rocker


2 Apr


RISE Conference|QK @ RISE Conference|RISE Conference and Quirky Kid
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We were thrilled to have been accepted to the AlPHA program at the 2018 RISE Conference held in Hong Kong We had a great time meeting, learning, and collaborating with our colleagues!

We were also selected to be involved in PITCH, a live event at the conference in front of thousands of attendees where we presented our innovative ideas about how to help parents access affordable, evidenced-based information about their child.

To participate as an exhibiting StartUp company you need to receive a high score based on the following criteria:

  1. Our Growth potentialThey look at our competitors and how our sector can grow locally and Overseas.
  2. Our ImpactHow relevant our product is for the community and if we have any pro-active ideas.
  3. Product and teamThey check our idea and team
  4. Pitch qualityAnd how well we are likely to pitch.
  5. Cool factorHow likely are we to disrupt.

Once all is done the startups are given an overall score out of 25, which is used to work out if each company is in a position get the most out of the conference. All the best startups from over 18 different industries were invited to exhibit RISE. Quirky Kid were joined by 3 other companies from The 'iAccelerate' incubator in Wollongong.

About RISE

RISE is a conference celebrating almost 600 innovative Start Ups from over 90 countries. Over 15,000 people attended the event, making it the largest tech conference in Asia. With leading tech giants presenting at the event, including Microsoft, Google and Amazon, we enjoyed learning about all things tech and innovation.

Why were we at the Start-Up Conference?

Quirky Kid and our new technology company, Rocketeer, attended the event to showcase our products and latest innovation, a software application that enables parents and professionals to access reliable expert advice and evidence-based information about concerns relating to the mental health of children and young people.

We also create evidence programs, used by many educational institutions. We are working to get these programs available online and will keep you updated about this.

RISE Conference|QK @ RISE Conference|RISE Conference and Quirky Kid

QK @ RISE Conference Hong Kong