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We pride ourselves on being different. We think from a child’s perspective and use the creative, award-winning tools we’ve designed to improve and optimise their mental health.

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Quirky Kid® is a child psychology clinic and publishing house based in Australia. We work with parents, schools and clinics around the world to improve children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Our award-winning tools and resources have had a positive impact on children in more than 30 countries.


Sabrina Rogers-Anderson

Head of Content

Sabrina Rogers-Anderson has been a professional writer for two decades. She started her career in her native Canada as Senior Editor for AskMen, one of the only major online magazines to survive the dotcom crash. In 2007, she moved to Australia in search of new opportunities and never looked back.

Sabrina worked as a web editor for several leading magazines in Sydney - including NW, TV WEEK and FHM - before going freelance in 2011. In the past decade, she has written a wealth of content on topics ranging from fitness to early education. Her work has been published in magazines and websites around the world and she has written two books.

Since becoming a mum to three girls - including twins - Sabrina has been passionate about helping other parents navigate the joys and challenges of raising children. Her parenting advice has appeared in numerous international parenting publications and she has made regular appearances on TV and radio, including Network Ten’s Studio 10 and ABC Radio.

As the Head of Content for Quirky Kid, Sabrina brings together her background in psychology and her love of words to create evidence-based content that helps families overcome difficulties and thrive. When she’s not furiously typing away on her laptop, you’ll find her running or building sandcastles with her daughters on the beach near her Sunshine Coast home.


Sabrina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from McGill University and a Graduate Degree in Journalism from Université de Montréal in Canada.

Other Details

Sabrina Rogers-Anderson Blue Card number (Qld): 2102495 / 1.

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