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Are you excited about taking part in tests, events, or competitions? Did you know that taking responsibility for planning and preparing for these activities can help you become more independent and successful? In this lesson, we will explore how to develop critical time-management and organisational skills to help you achieve your goals.

Planning is an essential part of achieving success in any performance-related activity. It is important to take responsibility for your preparation with the help of your parents and coaches. By doing so, you will progressively increase your ability to plan, organize, and take responsibility for event preparation. This will not only help you manage performance anxiety through adequate preparation but also foster your independence by assisting you in practicing organisational skills and time management.

To make the planning process more practical and engaging, we encourage you to practice it as often as possible with your parents and coaches using the exercises provided. For example, you can visit the event venue, record distances and travel time, and conduct a full trial of the event in advance. You can record all this information on the planning page, which we have provided for you to download and use.

This lesson includes a three-minute video and a downloadable document that can be used on its own or as part of the Power Up performance psychology program that contains six lessons. By completing this exercise regularly, you will progressively increase your ability to plan, organize and take responsibility for event preparation. This can also assist you in managing your anxieties better, as you know preparation has been completed in advance. By planning and organising necessary tasks and things prior to the event, you are likely to avoid disappointment during events.

Remember, good planning has many benefits, such as increasing your autonomy, helping you manage your anxieties better, and avoiding disappointment during events. So let's get started on our journey towards becoming independent and successful performers!