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Overcoming Playground Politics

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Welcome to our comprehensive online course, “Resolving Playgroup Politics" led by Dr. Kimberley O'Brien, Principal Child Psychologist at Quirky Kid. If you've been seeking effective strategies to address social struggles techniques typically used by Child Psychologists, this transformative course is just what you need.

With more than two decades of experience working with children aged 2-14 years, Dr O'Brien has developed a range of engaging visual techniques using art and play to help families find their own solutions. In this course, parents will learn how to give children a fresh perspective to overcome old habits and entrenched social dynamics.  

In Chapter 1, we delve into the world of social conflict in childhood, sharing clinical case studies that provide valuable insights into the impact of playground politics. Understanding the underlying dynamics or subtle tensions within social hierarchies using visual maps can help young children to overcome feelings of frustration by introducing strategic interventions.

In Chapter 2, this course provides demonstrations of "The Reveal" technique to encourage children with friendship issues to express shared interests, bridging gaps and opening doors to constructive communication.

The course also introduces the bird’s eye view of a "Playground Scene" (which you could make with a child at home) using Quirky Kid’s popular Best of Friends program workbook or your own version. Dr Kimberley demonstrates how to help children spot positive exceptions in their social network. Using a clear line of questioning, Dr Kimberley uncovers ‘preferred hangout locations’ and support networks to encourage independence in children.

In Chapter 3, we focus on building stronger social bonds. Personalised rituals and role-playing exercises are explained to strengthen parent-child bonds and foster emotional growth. We learn how to collaborate with educators to ensure they are aware of incidents by encouraging children to be empowered by record keeping and self advocacy.

Embrace this practical journey and empower your child with the tools and confidence we all need to navigate and thrive in complex social situations. Enrol now and start using techniques that have been tried and tested in the clinic setting over two decades to boost your child’s self awareness and social resilience.