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Imagery Module

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This section explores the benefits of positive imagery. Mental rehearsal or imagery offers you the opportunity to imagine a specific technique, experience, environment or even a specific state of mind. Applying imagery techniques to your performance rehearsal will facilitate optimal performance for participants.

The benefits of your imagination

Imagery is a mental skill commonly used by elite performers and is among the most important skills for managing the mental demands of performance. By regularly completing imagery exercises, you are able to stimulate your muscle memory and improve a specific skill through imagination.

By using the techniques presented in this video and in your workbook you are likely to achieve the following:

  • Manage performance situations by using your imagination
  • Maintain practicing aspects of your training between training sessions or when you are too physically exhausted to train
  • Have better confidence during performance as you mentally rehearse competition scenarios more often
  • Be able to experiment with different senses during your imagery exercises. You should be able to activate detailed sensorial areas by progressively and regularly practising with your mental rehearsal
  • Utilise imagery and positive self-talk together to optimise your performance

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